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On 3rd April 1878, Messrs. Cooke, Deacon, Gordon and Kates started a movement which brought about the holding of a public meeting on 4th June 1878, at which Mr Deacon was voted to the chair. At this meeting Mr Kates moved and Mr Kelly seconded the following resolution: -

That an Agricultural and Horticultural Association be formed within the Allora and Spring Creek districts in connecion with the Allora Ploughing Match Committee, to be styled the "Central Downs Agricultural and Horticultural Association".  The motion was carried.

Through the years, the Allora Show Society Incorporated committee members have continued to progressively improve the standard of the shows and the facilities earning an excellent reputation for a fine, well designed ground.
The Show has something for everybody, so come along and meet your friends.
See you at the next Allora show.

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